Welcome to the Old Salzburg Restaurant. Located in beautiful British Columbia right in the heart of Radium Hot Springs. We are currently Open at 5PM Everyday.

Enjoy our beautiful covered patio on a gorgeous day in Radium!

“Love nourishes the soul like food nourishes the body.”

Austrian Proverb

Our history is rich.

For over 30 years and almost 1 million customers the Old Salzburg has fed the people and been an attraction on its own. The building encompasses a 2 unit staff accommodation w/ patio, a 2 story restaurant w/ 2 patios and a 1 bedroom condo w/ patio and the best view in the house!

At the heart of the Old Salzburg Restaurant lies the family virtues that sets the scene for relaxing by our fireplace or enjoying an ice cold Stiegl beer on our patio in the summertime. Authentic Austrian food is something of legends and we provide that experience day in and day out to our enthusiastic customers, family and friends. Come and be our guest!

Radium Hot Springs is one of the most beautiful places on the planet!

We love Radium Hot Springs!

Radium Hot Springs has an abundance of wildlife, an extensive variety of flora and many outdoor activities. Whether it’s summer or winter there is something for everyone to enjoy! Don’t forget to relax in the famous hot pools after an exciting day of skiing, golfing or hiking.

“The mountains shall bring peace to the people”

Psalm 72:3


The Old Salzburg Restaurant is conveniently located on Highway 93 in Radium Hot Springs, only 2 km west of the Kootenay National Park Gate. The restaurant is within walking distance of many hotels, motels and campgrounds.